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Summer Traveling – Eastbourne

2nd August 2017

This trip has been on my mind for a long time, after seeing such natural beauty I don’t know how I didn’t do it before, but one thing for sure I know I will be back.

Eastbourne is a seaside city in Sussex  with a stunning coastal line between Seaford, Seven Sisters County Park and Cuckmere valley .

We first headed to the Pier in Eastbbourne, charming with it’s coastal white and navy colours. There, we enjoyed the stunning views of the sea and the city .The walk along the sea on the stone beach was a must, it wasn’t hot, typical British summer weather, and it was quite windy, which was the perfect weather for a beach stroll  !

We then headed to Seven Sisters, I was very excited about this part of the trip, I always wanted to see the white chalk cliffs, but I wasn’t expecting that the walk that leads to the beach would be such an astonishing beautiful walk. The valleys and the rivers cutting through it all felt so natural, so unspoiled and so peaceful . The pretty country flowers, watching the cows and sheep munching, feeling the country and seaside fresh air all at the same time, the scented herbs, the sun glowing on my skin, what a great feeling !

After a long walk we finally got to the beach, the almost empty beach on July day, what a bliss! Rough seas and blustering winds were not the right weather for a lazy day at the beach but this trip was about sight seeing so we climbed up the top of the cliff. It was a tricky climb and those strong winds definitely made it even trickier, but in the end we made it all the way up to the top and  it was so worth it. I finally got to see the  image that I had in my head for so long in real life! The contrast of the green grass on the top of the hill, the white chalk cliff and blue sea is stunning  sight and  a very special treat from nature!

I think now you can understand why I will be back soon for sure !



28th October 2016







I’ve been living in London for the past 20 years but I’ve never really got used to the city life, never really been a city girl, so now and then I feel the need to emerge into a more placid lifestyle. The busy city lifestyle is a constant stress; the daily rush, the continuous demand, the noise and the enclosed buildings… sometimes it just gets too much. So when I get a chance I escape to somewhere that I can appreciate the simple and good things in life and contemplate my own.
Last weekend, I went to the endless green fields of Richmond Park. It’s in this tranquil environment that I can find more strength and feel more alive; looking at the horizon and seeing forever empowers me and makes me feel free. Free of concepts, free of rules, free of routines. I don’t have to restrict my life, there is so much out there to be discovered and so much to be lived…
Richmond sits on both sides of the River Thames, it is a picturesque and charming place with it’s Royal Parks and historic houses. We started our afternoon at the town centre with all the pretty shops, then went to the Sunday market. We then made our way up the hill to the park and after a long walk and feeling a bit tired we stopped at Pembroke Loge for some tea and cake and once again we enjoyed the amazing surroundings, the views from this place are simply stunning!
But the best was saved for last when we saw the deers –  what a treat !

Ja estou a viver em Londres ha 20 anos mas nunca me habituei a vida na cidade, por isso de vez em quando preciso de dar uma escapadela e retirar-me desta confusão. A o stress da cidade, as rotinas, o barulho, o pouco ar e espaço torna-se claustrofóbico,por isso de vez enquanto tenho a necessidade de escapar para um sitio em que possa apreciar as coisas simples e boas na vida.
No fim de semana passado, fui a Richmond, um bairro em Londres, situado entre as margens do rio Tamisa, uma zona calma e pitoresca e com um parque cheio de verde infinito. E neste ambiente tranquilo que me sinto bem. Começamos o nosso passeio no centro onde estão as lojas , passamos pelo mercado local e depois subimos a colina que nos leva ao parque, a vista que se tem do topo da colina e algo muito especial , e que fica na memoria para sempre .
Ja cansados e com fome fomos nos deliciar ao Pembroke Loge onde relaxamos, comemos bolo e bebemos chá e mais uma vez desfrutamos das vista incríveis que nos rodeavam .
Mas a melhor parte do dia ficou guardada para o fim quando vimos os veados a pastar bem juntinho de nos, fantástico !

Super green smoothie

4th April 2016

Starting the day with a burst of energy from a green smoothie . Nutritious packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, it’s a great way for the kids to get their greens.


1 banana
2 kiwis
Hand full of blueberries
Half of avocado

Place the ingredients in a blender and blend it for about one minute until smooth .









17th December 2015

Perfect for snacking this snowballs taste so,so nice, they are easy and quick to make and kids love them.

100gr of ground walnuts , 100gr of ground almonds and 200gr of blended dried figs. Put everything into a bowl and mix well all the ingredients, make little balls and roll them into  grated coconut.

Estas bolinhas sao super saudaveis e uma verdadeira tentacao, sao super fáceis de fazer e os miudos adoram.

100gr de nozes raladas , 100gr de amendoa ralada, 200 de figos secos triturados. Juntar todos os ingredientes numa tijela, misturar bem, fazer bolinhas e enrolar em coco ralado.


025 copy

Flavoured water

17th August 2015

Naturally flavoured water it’s made out of infused water and healthy ingredients, so refreshing and perfect for Summer days ! The combinations are endless,  just combine the flavours that you like best and it will always taste nice and look beautiful in a jar . Great for after exercise  to get that hydration levels or if you struggle drinking water this will help you for sure .

My favourite is strawberries, peaches and mint. Cut the chunks of fruit add some mint leaves put in a jar full of water and leave it overnight. Drink it really fresh .


Agua aromatizada é perfeita para manter os níveis de hidratação nos dias quentes de verão. Há imensas combinações possíveis dependendo do gosto e das funções que queira atribuir; nutrir, desintoxicar, emagrecer, mas todas ficam saborosas e fazem uns jarros lindíssimos.  Ideal para depois de fazer exercício ou se tiver dificuldade em beber a agua .

A minha preferida é morangos, pêssego e  hortelã. Cortar a fruta em pedaços  e adicione umas folhas de hortelã , por num jarro com agua e deixar durante a noite. Serve-se bem fresquinha .

flavoured water


Wheat berry, beetroot and goat cheese

14th May 2015

Wheat berries are the whole kernels from a wheat plant with the husks removed.They have a creamy, nutty flavour and are  full of vitamins and fibre and low in calories. They cook in simmering water for about an hour until soft. Wheat berries make a nutritious addition to soups, salads, and side dishes.

This healthy salad is bursting with colour has a nice earthy and nutty flavour and a mix of crunchy and soft texture. Perfect for a picnic on the Summer days ahead .

Ingredients: wheat berries, lentils, spinach, goat cheese and beetroot . Season with lemon creme fraiche dressing .

Wheat berries

Eat Happy !

3rd April 2015

It’s April ! Really, already ? Oh, time flies !!! The time of the year that we start getting excited about the warmer weather and about Summer coming soon, well I am ! And Summer means holidays and holidays means beach and beach means obviously bikini and now in order to get that bikini body many people are going  on a diet .

I confess, I never followed a diet, that one’s that comes on the books and dictates all your eating habits, also I haven’t met yet a person that that followed a specific diet and kept it as part of their lifestyle for a long time, most of these diets are not realistic and not easy to keep up with.

These days there is a big trend on food awareness and that is positive to remained and educate people about food. However the market is packed with convenient foods and with so many people leading very busy lives more and more people relay on this kind of quick fix but very unhealthy diet as part of their lifestyle . We know how processed foods, fizzy drinks, saturated fat, refined sugar and salt are bad for our health, so we should keep well way from it, a part from that is just common sense, keep it varied and eat sensible portions and you will not need to follow any specific diet regime.  Cook from scratch, eat regularly, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables,fish, foods with healthy fats, drink lots of water and do some exercise, that’s the only routine you need to maintain to have a good healthy lifestyle, no rocket science on that .

When eating the right nutrients food provides us a general well-being, give us energy and helps with the mood so ditch “the diet ” just eat sensibly and always eat what what makes you happy !

My favourite at the moment, spinach salad with beetroot, avocado and walnuts , delicious and bursting with nutrients and goodness.

spinach salad

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