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Fruit and yoghurt pots

16th January 2017

I made three different types of fruit yoghurt pots, so the next few days breakfast is ready to go . A quick, sweet, tasty and healthy way to start the day !
Green pot has kiwi and avocado, orange pot, mango and papaya and pink pot raspberries and blueberries , top it up with natural yoghurt and granola, yumm !!!

Granola apple and pear crumble

29th October 2016

Granola apple and pear is delicious for breakfast or as a dessert .
Peel two apples and two pears put, them in a saucepan with a small amount of water just to to cover the bottom add two table spoons of brown sugar and a tea spoon of cinnamon, stir well, cover with a lid and let it cook until is soft.
In a bowl put some oats and nuts, spread honey and maple syrup and mix all well .
When cooked put the fruit in a baking tray with no water at all and add the granola on top .
Bake until is nice and golden and crispy.
It can be eaten on its own or with natural yougurt.








Stewed Rhubarb

19th August 2015

Rhubarb is to acid to eat it raw, it needs to be cooked with plenty of sugar.This recipe is very versatile and it tastes great on bread, yogurt, porridge or ice cream.

Cut the rhubarb in chunks and put it in a pan with sugar, I used soft brown sugar, some orange zest and slowly cook for 30 minutes turning occasionally. The rhubarb will melt so no need to blend it. Cool down before serving, keep it in the fridge and eat within a couple of days. I cooked 300gr of rhubarb and 250gr of soft brown sugar.


Ruibarbo é muito acido para comer cru, tem de ser cozinhado com bastante açúcar . esta receita é muito versátil e pode-se usar no pão, iogurte ou gelado.

Cortar o ruibarbo em pedaços e colocar num tacho com açúcar, eu usei açúcar mascavado  e um pouco de raspa de laranja, cozinhar em lume muito brando durante 30 minutos mexendo ocasionalmente. O ruibarbo vai-se desfazer por isso não é necessário triturar. Deixe arrefecer antes de servir , manter no frio e consumir dentro de uns dias.  Eu cozinhei 300gr de ruibarbo e 250gr de açúcar mascavado.



Nuts, yougurt and berries

21st July 2015

Start the day in a indulgent way with this delicious and nutritious breakfast .

In a food processor whiz a couple of almonds, walnuts and rolled oats. In a cup make a layer of the grounded meal, add some natural yogurt and top it up with berries and seeds,some brown sugar and cinnamon. Stir all and enjoy !


Papaya with strawberries and blueberries

20th July 2015

Summer breakfast doesn’t  get more colourful than this. Papaya,strawberries and blueberries  a delicious and fresh way to start the day !

Papaya is rich in vitamin C, fresh, ripe papaya is one of the fruits with the highest vitamin-C content more than oranges. Vitamin C has many important functions like immune booster, and anti-inflammatory action. It’s also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin A is required for maintaining healthy skin and is essential for healthy vision. Fresh papaya also contains a good amount of potassium and calcium and rich in many essential B-complex vitamins such as folic acid . Potassium helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure, calcium for healthy and strong bones, vitamin B plays an essential role on the metabolism, they are water-soluble, meaning that the body does not store them.



Porridge Linseed and Berries

8th February 2015

This breakfast is a super booster for the day, the porridge grains provide  a high amount of fibre, this helps to fill you up and control the appetite . It also contains a high amount of complex carbs, that slowly digest providing lasting energy . Adding the berries and the  seeds increases the fibre content.  Also it makes a perfect meal before or after work out, high in phosphorous which helps with energy production and muscle recovery .

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Muesli and Apple Breakfast

26th January 2015

Muesli is a good source of fiber, it feels up and helps with  weight control and good source of antioxidants. For this recipe I used almond milk as it’s becoming very popular, it’s low in fat but high on energy, proteins, lipids and fiber and it doesn’t contain lactose . The nuts provide a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids . Apples are also  high in fiber and vitamin C.  Overall this a super filling breakfast that will keep you full for longer, it’s rich in nutrients but very low in calories . A super healthy way to start the day, enjoy !

Muesli and apple breakfast

muesli and apple break

Muesli and apple

Hello 2015 ♥

3rd January 2015

The holiday season is over and it’s time for fresh starts ! I hope you all had a great start to the year ! In January, we set ourselves goals and challenges to emend all the struggles of the past year. My resolution is to keep practising my photography – which is my passion. Also, to meet and share many food ideas here and learn from you.

For my first post of the year is a delicious way to start the day; prunes, natural yoghurt and granola.


Have a lovely day x

Beetroot and Honey Greek Yogurt

9th October 2014

What do you like eating for breakfast ? I used to have toast and a cup of tea every single day but not any more, even though I still enjoy my toast and tea I’m also eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds early in the morning, so much better.

A good nutritious breakfast provides energy, gives more strength and improves concentration for the rest of the day, also helps to keep the weight in control, when eating the right nutrients in the morning the appetite will reduce throughout the day.

There are so many different ways to eat a quick and nutritious breakfast, so no excuses for not having one.

My suggestion today is beetroot with Greek honey yogurt and mixed seeds. I like beetroot because of it’s sweet earthy taste and the smooth texture. Beetroot is so nutritious, it contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits, helps to detox and it’s high on folic acid, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C ,B6 and Iron so it makes super food for the morning.




beetroot and yogurt recipe