Summer Traveling – Eastbourne

2nd August 2017

This trip has been on my mind for a long time, after seeing such natural beauty I don’t know how I didn’t do it before, but one thing for sure I know I will be back.

Eastbourne is a seaside city in Sussex  with a stunning coastal line between Seaford, Seven Sisters County Park and Cuckmere valley .

We first headed to the Pier in Eastbbourne, charming with it’s coastal white and navy colours. There, we enjoyed the stunning views of the sea and the city .The walk along the sea on the stone beach was a must, it wasn’t hot, typical British summer weather, and it was quite windy, which was the perfect weather for a beach stroll  !

We then headed to Seven Sisters, I was very excited about this part of the trip, I always wanted to see the white chalk cliffs, but I wasn’t expecting that the walk that leads to the beach would be such an astonishing beautiful walk. The valleys and the rivers cutting through it all felt so natural, so unspoiled and so peaceful . The pretty country flowers, watching the cows and sheep munching, feeling the country and seaside fresh air all at the same time, the scented herbs, the sun glowing on my skin, what a great feeling !

After a long walk we finally got to the beach, the almost empty beach on July day, what a bliss! Rough seas and blustering winds were not the right weather for a lazy day at the beach but this trip was about sight seeing so we climbed up the top of the cliff. It was a tricky climb and those strong winds definitely made it even trickier, but in the end we made it all the way up to the top and  it was so worth it. I finally got to see the  image that I had in my head for so long in real life! The contrast of the green grass on the top of the hill, the white chalk cliff and blue sea is stunning  sight and  a very special treat from nature!

I think now you can understand why I will be back soon for sure !


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